Wednesday, October 16, 2019

IPBES announces first private sector partnership for biodiversity science with Kering

The Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) today announced its first private sector partnership – a  significant non-earmarked contribution to the IPBES Trust Fund by Kering.

"The message from science is clear,” said Dr. Anne Larigauderie, Executive Secretary of IPBES, “To properly protect nature and nature’s contributions to people, we must build a globally sustainable economy. This requires the evolution of global financial and economic systems – and this can only be achieved working in partnership with all responsible decision-makers, in Government but also very critically, in the private sector.

The contribution will be used by IPBES to support all areas of its work to strengthen the evidence base for better-informed decisions about nature – from policy support activities and capacity-building, to the generation of new knowledge, outreach and ongoing expert assessments.

Speaking about the partnership, Marie-Claire Daveu, Kering’s Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of International Institutional Affairs, said: “The luxury industry has the power to play a pivotal role in leading the shift towards a sustainable future. Kering is proud to collaborate with IPBES and the work they have already accomplished. This partnership is part of a broader approach to support science and research in order to have a science-based framework to inform our decisions. We need to act now by finding ways to give back to nature what it is offering us on a daily basis.”


About IPBES:

IPBES is an independent intergovernmental body comprising 132 member Governments. Established by Governments in 2012, it provides policymakers with objective scientific assessments about the state of knowledge regarding the planet’s biodiversity, ecosystems and the contributions they make to people, as well as the tools and methods to protect and sustainably use these vital natural assets. To some extent IPBES does for biodiversity what the IPCC does for climate change. For more information about IPBES and its assessments visit