Friday, June 5, 2020

Kering publishes 2019 Group EP&L results on World Environment Day

Today, on World Environment Day, Kering shared its Group Environmental Profit and Loss (EP&L) results for 2019 with its global stakeholders. To provide even greater transparency, the results are detailed in Kering’s open-sourced Digital EP&L where browsers can discover specific information linked to the findings, such as particular materials, processing activities or sourcing locations.  


As a yearly analysis starting from 2012, Kering measures the total environmental impacts associated with the Group’s direct operations and its entire supply chain to chart the progress made towards its ambitious sustainability targets. The 2019 Group EP&L results show that Kering is on track to attain its 40% EP&L reduction target by 2025 (2015 baseline), achieving a 29% decrease in the Group’s overall EP&L intensity per revenue, on a pro forma basis. The analysis also revealed a very promising reduction year-on-year with a 14% decrease between 2018 and 2019, on a pro forma basis.  Furthermore, Kering is on course to meet its science-based target for greenhouse gas emissions, reducing its total carbon intensity per revenue by 24% since 2015. 


Kering’s positive results reflect the efficacy of its House’s sustainability efforts, including prioritizing responsible sourcing policies and improving the environmental performance of its industrial processes while seeking optimum management of its sites and activities.  The Group will continue to integrate its EP&L findings into day-to-day operational decisions to better inform product design, sourcing decisions, manufacturing research and innovation more broadly. 


Discover the 2019 Group EP&L report here and interact with the Digital EP&L here