Friday, June 5, 2020

Kering to sponsor WE LOVE GREEN TV

Kering is renewing its support for the We Love Green music festival in Paris, having become a member of its Sponsors Club in 2017. The eco festival is getting a makeover this year as it goes fully digital, the first of its kind. Virtual festival-goers will embark on an interactive experience, bridging the gap between virtual and tangible. Among the festivities: live music, previously unseen concert archives, and Talks. WE LOVE GREEN TV offers a new experience in time and space through to the Festival’s 10-year anniversary in June 2021.
Founded in Paris in 2011, We Love Green is an electropop music festival. More than anything, the event is committed to an eco-friendly mindset. We Love Green strives to be innovative, sharing sustainability-driven values with its audience. It has quickly become a household name in the festival world, recognized for its high-quality lineup. On top of that, We Love Green has gradually developed additional activities which include a Think Tank stage, workshops and sustainability awareness talks open to all. The Festival’s 2020 digital showcase will be live from June 6-7 at the following link:

Kering is once again supporting We Love Green’s Think Tank program, with a special focus on Resilience. We Love Green’s Think Tank is a meeting place for aspirations, debates and proposals. This year’s edition will use the main takeaways from the past few weeks as a jumping-off point, driven by the prospect of an eco-friendly future for each and every one of us. 



June 3-7, 2020