One Year After Its Unveiling, Kering’s Innovative Global Logistics Hub in Trecate Obtains Top Platinum LEED Certifications

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    • One Year After Its Unveiling, Kering’s Innovative Global Logistics Hub in Trecate Obtains Top Platinum LEED Certifications
    Monday, May 30, 2022

    One Year After Its Unveiling, Kering’s Innovative Global Logistics Hub in Trecate Obtains Top Platinum LEED Certifications

    Kering’s innovative global logistics hub in Trecate (Novara, North of Italy), just received the prestigious LEED Platinum certification for its two buildings, making it the largest LEED Platinum certified logistic hub in the world. Applying the LEED rating system for warehouses, version 4 during the design and construction phases of the hub, reflects Kering’s global commitment to sustainability and its successful implementation.

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    The hub, owned by international real estate investor DWS, spans more than 162,000 square meters, equivalent to 20 rugby fields. This achievement was celebrated on May 26, in the presence of Marie-Claire Daveu, Kering Chief Sustainability and Institutional Affairs Officer; Alexia Giugni, DWS Italy Country Head; and Kay Killmann, Managing Director of GBCI Europe (the company that drives implementation of the LEED green building program), with the symbolic presentation of the celebratory plaque.


    Marie-Claire Daveu commented: “Sustainability has been at the core of Kering’s strategy and roadmap for years. Obtaining this prestigious LEED certification is another testimony of how we act to adopt sustainability best practices at every stage of our processes, from the design of a product to its delivery. I am proud of this recognition, and I would like to thank all of those who have worked hard to make our Trecate hub an example of highly sustainable building in Italy”.


    “These Platinum LEED certifications – declared [Benita Schneider, Head of Real Estate Asset Management Europe of DWS] – are further confirmation of our ESG focus and investment strategy towards high-level assets with environmental and sustainable features. Our Italian logistics portfolio is strategically important, and we are proud of these two new certifications given our ongoing focus on ESG criteria”.


    Obtaining two LEED-Platinum certifications - said Kay Killmann - represent only the beginning of the logistic hub’s sustainable journey at the Trecate location. Additional Platinum LEED certification for three office buildings is currently under review and aim for completion by the end of the year. This will include WELL certification, a protocol focusing on enhancing employees’ comfort and working conditions.


    The global logistic hub is equipped with the second biggest solar rooftop in Europe, with a capacity of 12.7 MWp, which exceeds by far the energy needs of the entire site. On top of the photovoltaic roof, the site has reached the highest degrees of LEED certifications thanks to a sophisticated reduced water consumption system, allowing a 50% reduction in water usage.


    The site is surrounded by 10 hectares of outdoor green spaces. A plan for promoting the biodiversity of the spaces, together with carbon sequestration through nature-based solutions and promoting the development of autochthonous arboreal vegetation, is currently in progress. The creation of sport and recreational facilities for the employees is also under way.



    About Kering’s global logistics hub in Trecate

    Kering’s new global logistics hub in Trecate covers more than 162,000 square meters (equivalent to 20 rugby fields) and combines state-of-the-art technology and automation, scalability, innovative sustainability, and features for the well-being of employees. The hub meets the demand from regional warehouses, retail stores, wholesalers, and e-commerce worldwide, and is significantly increasing the Group’s capabilities in terms of shipping (up to 80 million pieces per year) and storage (up to 20 million pieces). It will also allow to reduce lead times by 50% by increasing the speed of deliveries and to enhance collaboration with the Group’s brands. More than 750 people are currently working in the facility, with the total number of staff planned to reach approximately 1000 by the end of 2022. The site is operated by GXO Logistics, Kering’s longstanding logistics partner, which employs the on-site workforce dedicated to warehouse operations.


    About DWS

    DWS Group (DWS) is one of the world's leading asset managers with EUR 902bn of assets under management (as of 31 March 2022). Building on more than 60 years of experience, it has a reputation for excellence in Germany, Europe, the Americas and Asia. DWS is recognized by clients globally as a trusted source for integrated investment solutions, stability and innovation across a full spectrum of investment disciplines. We offer individuals and institutions access to our strong investment capabilities across all major
    liquid and illiquid asset classes as well as solutions aligned to growth trends. Our diverse expertise in Active, Passive and Alternatives asset management – as well as our deep environmental, social and governance focus – complement each other when creating targeted solutions for our clients. Our expertise and on-the-ground knowledge of our economists, research analysts and investment professionals are brought together in one consistent global CIO View, giving strategic guidance to our investment approach. DWS wants to innovate and shape the future of investing. We understand that, both as a corporate as well as a trusted advisor to our clients, we have a crucial role in helping navigate the transition to a more sustainable future. With approximately 3,600 employees in offices all over the world, we are local while being one global team. We are committed to acting on behalf of our clients and investing with their best interests at heart so that they can reach their financial goals, no matter what the future holds. With our entrepreneurial, collaborative spirit, we work every day to deliver outstanding investment results, in both good and challenging times to build the best foundation for our clients’ financial future.


    DWS - Real Estate

    DWS has been investing in real estate assets for 50 years. As part of the Alternatives platform, the real estate business has more than 450 employees around the world and EUR 76 billion in assets under management as of December 31, 2021. Providing a diverse range of strategies and solutions across the risk/return and geographic spectrums, we offer core and value-added real estate, real estate debt, real estate securities and opportunistic real estate. The real estate investment business employs a disciplined investment approach and aims to deliver attractive long-term risk adjusted returns, preservation of capital and diversification to its investors, which include governments, corporations, insurance companies, endowments, retirement plans, and private clients worldwide.


    About LEED

    LEED is a voluntary certification program which can be applied to any type of building (whether commercial or residential), taking as reference the complete lifecycle of the building itself, from planning to construction. The purpose of these certifications is to survey the buildings’ parameters of sustainability by measuring performance, particularly in relation to saving energy and water, reducing CO2 emissions, and improving the environmental quality of the interiors, materials and resources used.


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    About Kering


    A global Luxury group, Kering manages the development of a series of renowned Houses in Fashion, Leather Goods and Jewelry : Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Brioni, Boucheron, Pomellato, DoDo, Qeelin, as well as Kering Eyewear. By placing creativity at the heart of its strategy, Kering enables its Houses to set new limits in terms of their creative expression while crafting tomorrow’s Luxury in a sustainable and responsible way. We capture these beliefs in our signature: “Empowering Imagination”. In 2021, Kering had over 42,000 employees and revenue of €17.6 billion.