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Culture, Heritage & Creativity

Creativity is at the heart of Kering’s values. The Group thus contributes to the promotion of the arts, heritage and culture through a variety of projects. These include the opening of its head offices to the public during European Heritage Days and the exhibitions of contemporary artwork that are presented for the occasion.


40, rue de Sèvres

In 2016, following extensive renovation work, Kering moved its head offices to 40, rue de Sèvres, well known to Parisians as the home of Laennec Hospital until 2000. The site’s exceptional architecture and rich history led the Group to undertake the ambitious project that endowed this treasured jewel with a new vocation.

“40, rue de Sèvres is a reflection of our identity and values as a luxury group, a Group in motion that embodies an audacious form of Luxury, free to make its own choices.”

François-Henri Pinault
Kering CEO

European Heritage Days: an exceptional encounter with history, art and creativity

Every year since 2016, Kering is opening the doors of its headquarters, the former Laennec Hospital, during the European Heritage Days. The program features a discovery of the Group’s architectural, cultural and artistic heritage, through a special exhibition of artworks from the Pinault Collection as well as archive pieces created by Cristóbal Balenciaga. 

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Group history

Since its creation in 1963, the Group has continually developed and evolved, ultimately becoming a pure player in Luxury in 2018. Kering is still growing today thanks to the expertise and inspiration of the Houses and the boldly creative and authentic worlds they have fashioned over more than two centuries. Kering’s identity today is the result of this unique history.


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