Getting the balance right

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Getting the balance right

At Kering we believe a healthy work-life balance is the key to personal and professional fulfillment. We give you the framework and tools to flourish in your role, while making sure you have time for yourself.
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A flexible work culture


Everyone has the right to enjoy a healthy balance between work and home life. At Kering we strive to create a flexible work culture that redresses the balance. We offer our people a range of initiatives so they can reach personal fulfillment in and out of the workplace. Kering’s Baby leave aims to foster a better work-life balance.




“Our purpose is simple: to build a supportive and inclusive working environment for our employees around the globe. We want Kering to be an employer of choice.”

Béatrice Lazat
Kering’s Chief People Officer



A global parental leave policy


The arrival of a new baby can be joyful and challenging moment in family life and Kering is committed to ensuring every employee can take the time they need when their family grows. Kering’s already influential global parental policy has been strengthened; from January 1st, 2020, every new parent, whatever their personal circumstances, is entitled to 14 weeks of paid leave to take care of their newborn(s) or newly adopted child(ren). With this pioneering employee policy, Kering supports all parents by nurturing a better work-life balance, and reinforces its commitment for gender parity and professional equality.