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    BALENCIAGA Stock Controller (Beijing SKP South Store)

    Balenciaga - Fixed Term (Fixed Term)
    Beijing - Mainland China

    Job Family Group Description - Sales / Omni-Channel: Combines all positions within the different sales channels: retail, wholesale and e-commerce. Also includes all activities to support store management. Job Family Description -Retail Operations: Supports the sales process – puts displays in place, keeps stock level inventory, payment transactions, fitting or garment alterations. Sub-Job Family Description - Stockroom: Supervises the warehouse supplying products to the sales floor or other stores. Monitors stock and inventory levels. Oversees logistics of shipping between the local warehouse and regional warehouses.

    Main Responsibilities


    • Receive, check, label and store all merchandise received
    • Maintain tidiness and organization of stock areas
    • Check in and handle merchandise transfers
    • Handle all administrative procedures related to the merchandise flow
    • Prepare and pack all ready-to-be-shipped products, as well as handle all administrative tasks
    • Prepare and ship all returned merchandise to warehouse
    • Adhere to all company policies and follow all operational procedures
    • Support all omnichannel processes
    • Prepare the monthly turning inventories and the annual inventory, and look for any discrepancies


    • Consistently provide the highest level of professionalism and expertise in all behaviors including communication and teamwork
    • Work well in a team and actively support and assist colleagues
    • Provide high quality relevant feedback and requested reports to the management


    • Take all the necessary measures to guarantee the safety of the products and valuable materials in the store
    • Ensure that all the processes follow legal, safety, sustainability requirements
    • Address any loss prevention and safety issues that may occur and bring any escalated concerns to the management team

    Depending on store organization, can also support


    • Execute omnichannel after sales policy providing the highest standards and follow up on the administrative side
    • Constantly provide feedback to Store Director / Operations Manager / Stock Manager

    Internal Key relationships

    Store Management

    Store Sales Team

    Regional Operations Team

    Inventory Control

    Security Team

    Key Experiences

    Preferably, 2 years’ experience in a similar role

    Personal Qualities

    • Ability to prioritize task execution
    • Rigor, sense of organization
    • Availability, adaptability, sense of service

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