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Convinced that close collaboration with its stakeholders ensures higher economic, environmental, ethical and social performance, Kering safeguards its rich heritage, promotes parity and diversity and strives to be renowned as an exemplary employer. Its 2025 sustainability strategy pillar Collaborate upholds these commitments.

Kering aims to bolster stakeholder engagement in promoting sustainable luxury to ensure the well-being of its employees, suppliers and customers worldwide. The Group actively participates in global industry initiatives and strengthens its partnership with prestigious schools and universities.

Preserving our rich heritage


Safeguarding craftsmanship and perpetuating traditional know-how is one of Kering’s main goals. In 2017, the Group created a supplier-training platform, which upholds Kering’s leadership standards, while readily sharing best practices.

The Group’s Houses also preserve the heritage of their local communities, by offering training programs on craftsmanship skills and traditions. Telling examples are Brioni’s Scuola di Alta Sartoria, Bottega Veneta’s Scuola dei Maestri Pellettieri and Gucci’s Alta Scuola de Pelletteria.

Kering supports talented individuals who will shape tomorrow’s fashion industry. The Group is an official partner of the ANDAM (National Association for the Development of Arts and Fashion) Fashion Award. Every year, Kering hires young Parsons BFA Fashion Design Program graduates who are selected through the Kering and Parsons Empowering Imagination competition.



Promoting parity and diversity


Diversity, parity and supporting women’s talent are priorities for Kering. The Group targets gender parity and salary equality across its corporate hierarchy and for all Group positions. The Leadership Gender Diversity program fosters women’s access to prominent management positions and instills a culture of equality. At Kering, 57% in Group leadership roles are women; they represent 40% of the Board of Directors (excluding Directors representing employees), and 38% of the Executive Committee. The Group is proud to be one of the CAC 40 companies with the highest female representation. Moreover, Kering is the only luxury group listed in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index.



Be an employer of choice


Kering’s ambition is to become an exemplary Luxury industry employer. The Group strives to offer a stimulating and caring work environment for all its employees. Workplace well-being and social benefits programs, as well as three internal global campaigns in 2017 (employee referral hiring, internal mobility and parent-friendly policies offering equal benefits to all Group parents like providing 14 weeks of paid baby leave to all parents of a new child) further strengthen employee engagement. Talent development is a core managerial principle and a corporate culture guideline; the Group encourages its employees to realize their full potential and creativity.