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Selina, Kering

Making time for the family.
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At Kering, we believe that work/life balance is key to well-being. Our Global Parental Policy promotes a healthy work/life balance for our employees worldwide.
Selina Tsang is Kering’s Hong Kong-based Director of Legal for the Asia Pacific region, and a very busy woman.

When Selina became pregnant in 2017, it gave her pause for thought. “My husband and I both have demanding careers, so it was important for both of us that I work in a family-friendly environment” she explained. The Kering Group’s Global Parental Policy provides mothers with a minimum of fourteen weeks of paid leave on the birth or adoption of a child, whereas local regulations only provided ten weeks of paid leave.

Today, Selina feels perfectly comfortable in her dual role. She looks back on the newborn days with fondness, despite the lack of sleep. “Being a parent entails such a steep learning curve! Having time to figure it all out is essential. I am truly grateful to have had those additional weeks at full pay provided by the Global Parental Policy. I never felt that I was rushed back to work.” Since she has returned, her flexible work schedule has helped her accommodate both her managerial and family responsibilities.