Culture and Heritage

Kering’s identity is the product of a rich and diverse history, driven by the exceptional heritage of the Houses that make up the Group and by the natural links between Art, Culture, and Heritage.

Note Histoire

Group History

Since its creation in 1963, the Group has continually developed and evolved, ultimately becoming a pure player in Luxury in 2018. Kering is still growing today thanks to the expertise and inspiration of the Houses and the boldly creative and authentic worlds they have fashioned over more than two centuries. Kering’s identity today is the result of this unique history.

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40 rue de Sèvres

40, rue de Sèvres

Kering moved to 40, rue de Sèvres in 2016. The unique and unconventional landmark at the heart of Paris’ 7th arrondissement, housed the Laennec Hospital up until 2000. Drawn by the site’s singular architecture and rich history, among other features, the Group embarked on an ambitious renovation project. Guided tour.

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