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    SAINT LAURENT Department Manager

    Saint Laurent - Regular
    Taichung City - Taiwan Region

    關於SAINT LAURENT YVES SAINT LAURENT於1961年成立, 是首個女裝訂製服品牌於1966年以‘RIVE GAUCHE’ 系列演繹奢華READY-TO-WEAR的現代概念, 象徵著年青活力及自由生活態度。 這突破性改革乃是奠定現代化時裝的里程碑。 1999年開雲集團奢侈品牌收購YVES SAINT LAURENT, 並於2016年4月委任ANTHONY VACCARELLO為品牌創作總監, 進一步帶領品牌在奢華商品界的頂峰大展創意。 SAINT LAURENT現有系列包括男女裝成衣、鞋履、手袋、小型皮具、珠寶、絲巾、領帶及眼鏡。 ABOUT SAINT LAURENT Founded in 1961, Yves Saint Laurent was the first couture house to introduce the concept of luxury prêt-à-porter in a 1966 collection called ‘Rive Gauche’, synonymous with youth and freedom. This shift represented a first critical step in the modernization of fashion and revolutionized the socio-cultural landscape. In 1999, the luxury goods division of the Kering Group acquired Yves Saint Laurent and, under the creative direction of Anthony Vaccarello since April 2016, continues to position the house at the summit of the luxury universe. Today, Saint Laurent collections include women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, shoes, handbags, small leather goods, jewelry, scarves, ties and eyewear.


    We are currently seeking a Department Manager who will report to the Store Director as part of our dynamic team in Taiwan.




    The Department Manager is a professional in the category they oversee and is responsible for promoting brand engagement to customers in order to guarantee the quantitative and qualitative goals assigned for the department involved. 

    He/she represents the company and is a proactive sales professional who operates according to the policies fixed by the Store and Assistant Director. He/ She leads motivates, coaches the team of the Department, is responsible of his/ her Department staff development and of their assigned target and tasks achievement.


    • 重視顧客關係維護, 提升優良顧客體驗及完整服務
    • 部門顧客招募、發展與維繫
    • 實行總部與店長所傳達的行動目標,並落實店鋪跟進
    • 向店長、部門團隊提供高品質回饋與回報
    • 創造、維護積極正向的工作環境
    • 激勵及挑戰團隊目標
    • 對內部與外部推廣品牌文化
    • 建立當地對國際高端精品具有影響力的人際網絡,以促進顧客忠誠度及專貴客戶維繫
    • 確保店鋪氛圍符合品牌形象
    • 確保所有流程皆遵循法律、安全、內部要求,並符合可持續性發展、人力資源和庫存管理要求
    • 勇於挑戰現行的流程,以確保提升部門效率


    • Assure the recruitment, development and retainment of customers
    • Implement action plans defined with the HQ and Store director and guarantee follow up at store level
    • Communicate high quality relevant feedback and reporting to the Assistant Store Director  / Store Director or staff
    • Create and maintain a positive and motivating work environment
    • Motivate and challenge the team on a daily basis in your department
    • Promote the culture of the brand internally and externally
    • Build a network of people who have an impact on local and international luxury business in order to promote customer loyalty, especially with Top Clients and VIPs.
    • Ensure store atmosphere upholds brand image
    • Ensure that all the processes are in compliance with legal, safety, internal requirements, sustainability, HR and stock organization
    • Challenge current processes to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in your department.


    • 承諾參與各項創新專案
    • 具產品敏銳度,擁有強烈的市場知識及時尚趨勢觀念
    • 具管理職經驗,能給予精準且建設性的回饋,指導團隊取得成功
    • 擁有極佳的高端精品銷售經驗,及良好的顧客關係管理資源
    • 擁有極佳的組織能力,能精準、有條理的根據業務需求派定工作優先順序
    • 對增進顧客體驗與提高顧客忠誠度,有極高敏銳度
    • 適應力強、善於傾聽、求知慾強及思維開明
    • 靈活、高效率及善於回饋意見
    • 極佳的人際關係技巧,對提供卓越顧客服務充滿熱誠
    • 對學習與進步,有正面積極的態度


    • Commitment to take part in an innovative project
    • Product sensitivity and a strong market and fashion trends knowledge, a good general culture level
    • Significant experience in the sale of luxury goods or retail: customer portfolio
    • Managerial experience (Ability to provide constructive, straightforward feedback and coach your team to success)
    • High sensitivity to customers experience and loyalty
    • Precision, organizational skills, Being organized and able to prioritize tasks based on the needs of the business
    • Adaptability, openness, listening abilities, curiosity
    • High availability, responsiveness
    • Product  and Fashion sensitivity
    • Excellent interpersonal skills and a passion for providing excellent customer service
    • A positive  attitude and a willingness to learn and improve

    Saint Laurent致力於打造多元化的工作團隊。我們相信所有形式的多元化 - 性別,年齡,國籍,文化,宗教信仰和性取向等 - 能夠豐富我們的團隊。多元化為員工們提供了展現個人和集體才能的機會,它有助於培養我們適應這個不斷變化的世界的能力。作為一個崇尚平等機會的主,我們歡迎並且會考慮所有不同背景合適應徵者的申請。

    Saint Laurent is committed to building a diverse workforce. We believe diversity in all its forms – gender, age, nationality, culture, religious beliefs and sexual orientation – enriches the workplace. It opens up opportunities for people to express their talent, both individually and collectively and it helps foster our ability to adapt to a changing world. As an Equal Opportunity Employer we welcome and consider applications from all qualified candidates, regardless of their background.

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