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    QEELIN_Area Manager

    Qeelin - Regular
    Shanghai - Mainland China

    Job Family Group Description - Sales / Omni-Channel: Combines all positions within the different sales channels: retail, wholesale and e-commerce. Also includes all activities to support store management. Job Family Description -Retail Management: Defines and supervises the commercial strategy for the retail channel. Analyses KPIs to achieve commercial goals. Sub-Job Family Description - Area Retail: Provides strategic support to each store. The visible face of management in each of its stores. Acts as a reference point to help carry out activities and solve problems.

    • Key responsibility 1 – BTQ Operations management
      Ensure the smooth opening of new boutiques, supervise product/PLV order, VM, staff recruitment/training and other opening procedures
      Directly supervise sizable boutiques in the region
      Ensure core boutique operations managed according to Qeelin standard
      Regularly visit boutique and provide feedback for boutique staff management and performance review

      Key responsibility 2 – Sales Management
      Develop area/city action plan to achieve commercial target in terms of qualitative & quantitative aspects
      Administer sales and manage overall turnover
      Optimize boutique productivity and profitability
      Provide sales estimate for new product launch
      Analyse and evaluate product sales results, collect and provide qualitative feedbacks
      Closely monitor and analyse competitors’ sales performance and promotional activities

      Key responsibility 3 – Customer Relationship 
      Maintain relationship with landlords through brand events/product launch animation
      Develop new customer database through joint-event/joint-promotion with landlords
      Improve boutique service quality and develop effective CRM events
      Monitor the handling of national level outstanding after sales service cases

      Key responsibility 4 –Market intelligence observation 
      Provide first-hand information concerning commercial projects in each city
      Maintain good relationship with landlord and support negotiation with them on business opportunities
      Leverage landlord’s resource and support in terms of BTQ events and special activities

      Key responsibility 5 - Recruits and manages boutique staff 
       Define recruitment criteria and conduct interviews
       Assess, define and oversee retail and in-boutique training program to support/minor the integration of staff
       Manage boutique managers by monitoring and evaluating performance, and initiate corrective or disciplinary actions
       Inspires and motivate boutique managers to build a cohesive and productive team

      Key responsibility 6 – Team Management
      Set clear roles and responsibilities of each member
      Provide training, coaching & feedback for career development
      Retain people by motivating team to gain job satisfaction


      Geographical area under responsibility
      Sales turnover under responsibility
      Contact Parties: 
      Internal contact: China CEO, China Head of retail, Marketing & Communications team, SDP & VM team, Training team, and Kering supporting teams (HR/Finance/IT/Compliance)
      External contact: Landlord and Business Partner


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