Empowering young talent

Kering joins forces with inspiring international partners to empower young talent and craft tomorrow’s luxury.

A young woman and 3 busts - Empowering young talent
Nourishing creative know-how


At Kering, we cherish our rich heritage of exquisite craftsmanship and we safeguard extraordinary creative know-how for future generations. Across the Kering group, there are many professional training programs designed to share unique skills and expertise, while also supporting responsible and sustainable employment.

At the Scuola di Alta Sartoria, Brioni is training the next generation of master tailors through a three year tailoring course and a one-year internship in an atelier. Today, over one hundred highly skilled and talented graduates of Alta Sartoria work with the House of Brioni in their ateliers and stores. Gucci and Bottega Veneta have similar programs with the Alta Scuola di Pelletteria and the Scuola Della Pelletteria where they share their mastery and unique expertise in leather craftsmanship - and empower the next generation to make their own distinctive mark on luxury.


Supporting talent beyond Kering


Kering also recognizes the value of nurturing bold ideas outside the Group. We form robust partnerships with the world’s leading schools in fashion, design and luxury management to incubate tomorrow’s talent. Kering and the London College of Fashion are co-curators of the Empowering Imagination curriculum. The cutting-edge program is dedicated to furthering sustainable fashion practices in the luxury sector. 

Kering also sponsors the HEC x Kering Certificate of Influential Luxury: an innovative six-week course that focuses on the latest developments in the luxury sector and equips students with skills and expertise to become tomorrow’s dynamic leaders in luxury management.

Kering Certificate of Influential Luxury 2022

Kering welcomed HEC Paris students to its headquarters. The students had the opportunity to meet with key Kering executives and discuss and experience what it is like to work in the most influential Luxury group.

Kering Certificate of Influential Luxury 2022 - Business case by Boucheron

Boucheron challenged students from the Kering Certificate of Influential Luxury at HEC Paris on a business case. This was a moment to share inspiring and fresh perspectives on Boucheron’s business and invite the students to this luxurious adventure.

Discovering Kering’s vision of Luxury

Empowering young talent is a core managerial value at Kering. Now in its 11th year, the HEC x Kering Certificate of Influential Luxury gives students a unique opportunity to discover our vision of modern Luxury through a series of inspiring talks from Kering executives and leaders. This year’s program took place online, with teams of students applying their academic knowledge and fresh perspectives to a consulting challenge, set by Saint Laurent.

Celebrating the talent of tomorrow

We dare students to go further in their critical thinking, requiring them to apply their academic skills to a real-world business challenge. And once again, the students delivered fresh and surprising perspectives to the 2021 HEC x Kering Certificate of Influential Luxury, judged by Saint Laurent.

Chapter 1: welcome to Laennec

Kering welcomed 40 HEC Paris students of 21 nationalities for the 2018 Kering x HEC Luxury Certificate, a 6-week programme aimed to discover the luxury sector and experience what Empowering Imagination means at Kering.

Chapter 2: retail experience

When 40 HEC Paris students dived into the retail experience with the Kering x HEC Luxury Certificate, they discovered the reality of life in some of the world’s most emblematic luxury boutiques.

Chapter 3: empowering new talents

The Kering x HEC Luxury Certificate provided 40 HEC students with a unique overview of the way Kering manages its luxury portfolio, through cases studies and exchanges with Kering’s experts from the fields of Finance, Digital, Sustainability, HR, Communications, Retail and Hard Luxury.

Spotting emerging talent


Kering is passionate about spotting and supporting emerging talent and is an official partner of the prestigious ANDAM fashion award (National Association for the Development of the Fashion Arts). In addition to giving young creative talent an international platform and visibility, winners also have the unique opportunity to showcase their work during Paris Fashion Week.

In the United States, the annual edition of the Kering and Parsons Empowering Imagination award enables graduates of the Parsons BFA Fashion Design Program to visit Kering’s Houses and facilities. 

The winners of the award are selected for their singular conceptual vision and their accomplished design and technical skills. 
Through a wide range of innovative, international partnerships in all regions, from China to the US, UK, Italy and France, Kering is shaping our next generation of connected, talented, responsible and driven luxury players.



Cultivating newly graduated talent



As we continue to transform our worldwide logistics network, we recognize the need to nurture talent in the fast-changing field of supply chain and logistics. Our two-year talent program – The Kering Horizon Program – invests in high-potential engineering graduates to develop the next generation of logistics leaders. Launched in October 2021, the program aims to fast-track talent for future supply chain and logistics roles through job rotations, mentoring and intensive training programs.


The graduates, selected from international engineering schools, are based at Kering Group Operations in Italy and Switzerland, and gain operational and functional experience across the four key areas of supply chain and logistics at Kering: Central Operations, Globe Transformation Program, Supply Chain Methods and Innovation and Business Planning.


With an opportunity for a regional assignment at the end of the rotations, the program equips graduates with the know-how and skills to continue a career path in logistics management, and play their part in our long-term vision of environmentally responsible, innovative global logistics.