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At Kering, we strive to be the employer of choice for the Luxury industry. We are fostering a human resources policy that reflects our values of diversity and gender equality, and that favors a healthy work-life balance and mentoring for our younger employees.

Visuel collaborateurs Kering - 2019 - Dossier thématique ressources humaines
Kering for Women


At Kering, diversity is a daily reality for all of our employees. We believe a diverse workforce is a source of creativity and innovation and is a driver of economic performance. 

Our Human resources philosophy embraces all aspects of diversity and places particular emphasis on equal opportunity, with three priorities: 

  • to instill a culture of equality and inclusion throughout the Group 
  • to develop women’s talents and skills
  • to encourage positive work-life balance

Since 2015, the Group’s pledge to women has encompassed the world of cinema through the Women in Motion, program. This initiative aims to highlight inequalities in the film industry and celebrates the achievements of women who are challenging perceptions of gender in film.


Kering also supports women through the actions of the Kering Foundation, created in 2008 by François-Henri Pinault to combat violence against women. 

The Kering parental policy


The arrival of a new baby can be joyful and challenging moment in family life and Kering is committed to ensuring every employee can take the time they need when their family grows. Kering’s already influential global parental policy will be strengthened; from January 1st, 2020, every new parent, whatever their personal circumstances, will be entitled to 14 weeks of paid leave to take care of their newborn(s) or newly adopted child(ren). With this pioneering employee policy, Kering supports all parents by nurturing a better work-life balance, and reinforces its commitment for gender parity and professional equality. 


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Empowering Young Talent


We believe young talent should have every opportunity to thrive and succeed. To identify rising talents and ensure they reach their full potential, we have partnerships with renowned schools in fashion, design, and management, including the London College of Fashion, HEC Paris, Tsinghua University, China and Parsons The New School for Design, New York.

Kering Certificate of Influential Luxury 2022

Kering welcomed HEC Paris students to its headquarters. The students had the opportunity to meet with key Kering executives and discuss and experience what it is like to work in the most influential Luxury group.

Kering Certificate of Influential Luxury 2022 - Business case by Boucheron

Boucheron challenged students from the Kering Certificate of Influential Luxury at HEC Paris on a business case. This was a moment to share inspiring and fresh perspectives on Boucheron’s business and invite the students to this luxurious adventure.

Discovering Kering’s vision of Luxury

Empowering young talent is a core managerial value at Kering. Now in its 11th year, the HEC x Kering Certificate of Influential Luxury gives students a unique opportunity to discover our vision of modern Luxury through a series of inspiring talks from Kering executives and leaders. This year’s program took place online, with teams of students applying their academic knowledge and fresh perspectives to a consulting challenge, set by Saint Laurent.

Celebrating the talent of tomorrow

We dare students to go further in their critical thinking, requiring them to apply their academic skills to a real-world business challenge. And once again, the students delivered fresh and surprising perspectives to the 2021 HEC x Kering Certificate of Influential Luxury, judged by Saint Laurent.

Chapter 1: welcome to Laennec

Kering welcomed 40 HEC Paris students of 21 nationalities for the 2018 Kering x HEC Luxury Certificate, a 6-week programme aimed to discover the luxury sector and experience what Empowering Imagination means at Kering.

Chapter 2: retail experience

When 40 HEC Paris students dived into the retail experience with the Kering x HEC Luxury Certificate, they discovered the reality of life in some of the world’s most emblematic luxury boutiques.

Chapter 3: empowering new talents

The Kering x HEC Luxury Certificate provided 40 HEC students with a unique overview of the way Kering manages its luxury portfolio, through cases studies and exchanges with Kering’s experts from the fields of Finance, Digital, Sustainability, HR, Communications, Retail and Hard Luxury.

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