The Crafting Tomorrow’s Luxury Challenge: Eco-Design

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The Crafting Tomorrow’s Luxury Challenge: Eco-Design

From January 16th to 22nd, Kering is hosting a third open competition, this time dedicated to sustainable design. Visit the Crafting Tomorrow’s Luxury challenge platform and share ideas for sustainable dream products — the winning submission will take home an eco-responsible gift. Best of luck to all participants!

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Design the most sustainable product

As 2023 gets underway, Kering is hosting the third edition of the Crafting Tomorrow’s Luxury challenge, a platform for raising public awareness about the environmental impact of product design. To limit adverse impact on the environment, several factors must be taken into account: choice of fibers, type of energy is used to extract materials, the manufacturing process as well as the country of origin. This competition invites users to modulate such factors and realize their significance as they design the most sustainable product possible, with the chance to win an eco-responsible gift. 


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Measuring Environmental Impact

Kering makes measuring its carbon footprint the foundation of its environmental initiatives. By objectively assessing its impact using internal tools, such as its EP&L (Environmental Profit & Loss), Kering can target the best actions for limiting its footprint. This is a major innovation for implementing a sustainable economic model, which Kering has shared with other companies in the Luxury sector and beyond.  


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Preserving Our Planet

At Kering, we are mindful of our impact on the planet and on society. To this end, we have made biodiversity conservation a key pillar of our sustainability strategy. Because we are convinced that transparency and collaboration are what drive sustainable change, the Group reports on its progress, develops new solutions and supports innovative projects such as the Regenerative Fund for Nature.


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