Historic commitment

Kering and sustainability share a long history. Discover some of our commitment milestones.


By establishing its first Code of Ethics, the Group — then known as PPR — shows willingness to place social and environmental responsibility at the center of its operations and organization.


Kering assembles a Sustainability Team and sets up a digital environmental reporting platform.


The Group publishes its first Code of Ethics reflecting Kering’s ethical principles, convictions and commitments regarding business conduct. Translated into 12 languages, it is issued to all employees. Kering establishes a Group Ethics Committee to ensure code implementation and monitor on-the-ground feedback.


Creation of a Sustainability Department that sits on the Executive Committee and reports directly to the CEO.


Creation of the Kering Foundation whose purpose is to combat violence against women. Chaired by François-Henri Pinault, the Foundation's actions focus on three areas: supporting local and international NGOs, financing social entrepreneurship and launching public awareness campaigns.